New Mayor Steps Up

At the March 21 st, 2024 meeting, due to work commitments, Mayor Tymafichuk elected to step down from his Mayoral duties to serve as a Council member. We are very pleased to advise that Mr. Dean Preston has agreed to step up to the position of Mayor for the Summer Village, effective immediately.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank Steven for his dedication to the Summer Village in the capacity of Mayor for 4+ terms, Deputy Mayor for 9 terms and Councillor for 1 term. His dedication to the betterment of the Summer Village of Birch Cove serving in these capacities is so appreciated. We are grateful that Steven is continuing to stay active by serving as Councillor moving forward.

And … on that note, we congratulate Dean Preston for stepping up to the role of Mayor; we are looking forward to working with you in this capacity!
Thank you gentlemen.